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The Tee Guv'nor: Where the Original Guv'nor goes organic!
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Here's the simple and easy steps you need to follow:

  • Click on our LINK and this will take you to our shop at Teemill.
  • You arrive at our shop.
  • Choose your option (white or grey t-shirt) and pick your size.
  • Happy with your final choice? Just click through the very simple order process and pay your money!

Within days (allowing for weekends and any unforseeable issues), your product should be delivered to you.

You can order here now: The TEE GUV shop *More designs will be ready by April 16.


About our supplier.
India Fields

It's not just about the product ...

... it's about everything else involved in the t-shirt making process

The Teemill ideology. They say ...

Real-time printing

Teemill develop technology at our factory to improve all aspects of t-shirt printing. This includes working on lower impact inks, software, machinery and automation technologies. It enables us to make products in real time. At our factory, products are only made after they have been ordered - there is no waste. We share the benefits of this technology free with startups and charities at

The efficiency and productivity gains from our tech balances the cost of more sustainable materials. Tech is how we make all this affordable. It also means we can invest more in our team. Our vocational training programs have helped over 40 young people on the Isle of Wight get into full time work.

  • High-tech, low waste
  • Certified GOTS organic
  • Open access technology


By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This is bad. Instead of plastic packaging, we use a rip and splash-proof mailer bag made out of paper. Big orders come in cardboard boxes, with paper-based tape.

As well as designing out plastic, we are attempting to design out waste. The two things are interconnected as we've found that we can use some of our waste material in our packaging.

Recently we have been working on new stickers and packaging that is made from the recycled organic cotton offcuts from t-shirt manufacturing.

  • Funky paper wrapping
  • Recycled material stickers
  • Plastic free packaging

Our Circular Economy

Every year 100 billion new items of clothing are produced while a truck full of clothing is burned, or buried in a landfill every second. Slowing fast fashion down a bit won't fix it. But when we take the waste material at the end, and make new products from it at the start, it changes everything. That's what we've done.

Our products and packaging are made from natural materials, not plastics. Every product is designed to be sent back to us when it is worn out.

We make new products from the material we recover, and the cycle itself is renewable. Our products can be returned and remade again and again and again.

A pure material makes remanufacturing possible, and means products that are softer, and harmless to the environment.

  • Products designed to be remade again
  • No plastic, just organic cotton
  • We remake new products from material


About the name and ideas, April 4, 2020
tree Thoughts

The 'dream factory'

Tee Guv'nor We created this website to bring you Original Guv'nor t-shirts made from organic cotton.

The world is a complicated place. We are always in danger of losing sight of some of the simple concepts that allow us to lead peaceful lives. In our own little corner of the Earth, we like simplicity - probably just like yourself. If only we could all understand this!

But it's no all doom-and-gloom! This website was created to promote numerous concepts ... and to print said concepts onto products.

Our aim is to ...

  • ... sell various 'bits and bobs', promote utilities, etc.
  • ... promote some local sporting venues
  • ... share our thoughts
  • ... to be humorous (if you can appreciate alternative, bizarre, 'Pythonesque', and Gary Larson styles)

Before you go, you are possibly wondering why the name 'The Tee Guv'nor'. When looking for domain names, it's a good idea to find shortcuts using short names. Ergo, we found '' and then decided to expand upon this name. We think 'The Tee Guv'nor' is a catchy and unique name (well, we are hoping it is!). Make up your own mind. But we like it!

Guv'nor Studio

The Tee Guv'nor

A new brand of t-shirt design sending out messages to get people thinking.


T-Shirt Organic Cotton Ethical Clothing Ecosystem Biodiversity Filter Osmosis Distil Recycle Recover Recirculate Crystal Clear Closed Loop Environment Clean Light Modern Positive Sustain Renew Solar Farm Cardboard Paper Plastic-free Soft

Purely for inspiration (many more to follow):

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Grey Original Guv'nor

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